SRRSCCA Awards Banquet is tonight (1/23/16) at 6 p.m.

The Awards banquet is tonight from 6 p.m. to (roughly) 9 p.m.  We’re excited to have everyone show up for food, fun, and prizes.  Food will be provided starting at 7 p.m. and we’ll have Hot Wheels racing before that.

We’ll be raffling off several prizes tonight as well, including gift cards to SoloPerformance, hats, shirts and a couple free Autocross days (value of $30 each).  You will get a raffle ticket upon entry to the banquet as part of your $10 fee, but you can purchase more tickets for $1 if you’d like to increase your chance of winning these great prizes.

Finally, there will be a cash bar for those that wish to imbibe, but please be responsible and have a designated driver or arrange for a cab.

We look forward to seeing everyone have a fun night!  See you there!

SRRSCCA End of Season Celebration!

Come join the Snake River Region of the SCCA to celebrate another successful season. The Race Season has come to a close and it is time to celebrate our accomplishments, reminisce about the great memories, and discuss next year’s fun. It will be on January 23rd, at Restoration Rods on State Street. The banquet will be from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. This event will be catered, so we will have good food! The cost is $10.00 per person, children 10 and under free. Please RSVP if you plan to attend.

You can send a check to Neal, and we’re working on getting PayPal setup shortly. The Banquet page is up! Click on the “Banquet Signup and Payment” link at the top of the page, or just click here.

Call Neal Stanley with questions at 208-629-0931

or send a check to:
Neal Stanley
2229 E Mackay Ct.
Meridian, Idaho 83642

We hope you can attend, and look forward to seeing you there!

Sign this…

Below is a link to an online petition. Please sign it for the club..share it on your Facebook, twitter, Etc..Get your family to sign it. Hell, knock on some doors on your block and get them to sign it. LOL

The purpose of this petition is to garner as much support as possible to attempt to get the Idaho State Police POST facility as an available venue for the club. We have attempted this before, but…try and try again.

Having 1000+ signatures and a good plan will hopefully go a long way to getting this great event site for the club.

Thanks the staff of the SRRSCCA

11-17-2015 Meeting minutes

Meeting called to order.

Treasurer report
we have money.

Meeting minutes reading waived.

Old business Classes and timing:
bump groups and open class discussion.
Neil stated bump groups were at one time a good idea however there was discussion to move the bump groups to an open class.
DJ recommended that we use an open 1 and open 2.
Carl pointed out that sanctioning fees are based on total drivers listed on the website. If two classes were used for one driver then one person would be counted as two entries by national when they go to our website to audit our insurance fees.
The computer portion of the timing system is the root of much of the problem. Each different person that has handled timing has developed there own process to address the issue with the open, bump and street tire classes.
One solution is to let the open drivers run all “six” runs and they as a group would do there own calculations for end of year trophy

Earl motion to stop the current data collection process for the open class. All runs will be timed and listed. this makes it up to the open class to calculate among themselves there performance based on there first three runs. Open class will determine trophy winners.
second and motion did not pass.

DJ motion to accumulate data for all classes as normal. Sonny is not responsible for the three run calculations. Open class will appoint one person to calculate the actual results of the open class. There will be a separate section on the site for the open class results so that it does not impact any of the results for any other classes.
second and passed

Richard motion to remove the bump classes.
second and passed

Eric discussion to reduce the number of events to qualify for the trophy.
discussion: Neil explains that the idea behind the half plus one rule was there to prevent the same person to win in two classes. Also it encourages greater participation.
Discussion tabled until we can provide an opportunity for the club to give there opinions.

KP motion to remove the street tire multiplier indefinitely.
discussion. general discussion is that it appears that only one or two people were using this multiplier.
Second and passed.

DJ motion to add an SSM’s most current pax multiplier (currently .882) to the IMS class.
Second and passed.

Discussion: Eric wanted to create check lists for event master safety and all other positions.
it was determined that check list is already in existence.

Year end banquet discussion: Neil recommends that we should have a pot luck style banquet for the year end awards. If any one is interested in participating with helping to set this up please contact Neil. We will need individuals for food and individuals to set up an audio video presentation covering the year via a video to be played at the banquet. Some names have been added to the list and Neal will contact others. The presented location of the banquet will be at the new location of Restoration Rods. 8633 W. State Boise Idaho

Tracey Reynolds did not win the snake pot of 45$

motion to adjourn.

10-20-2015 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order.

Motion to waive the of reading of minutes.
Second and passed.

Treasurer report:
We have money.
Second and passed.

Event report:
was super event!

Equipment report:
Idea for equipment needs.
2 laptops to be able to have a backup. An idea would be to mark on as laptop A and laptop B and swap between them from event to event to assure they both have up to date software. Each computer runs around $400.00.. With the laptops it is recommended we get two monitors and possibly two ssd (solid state drives). There is also a lower cost timing system that sonny thinks would be a great replacement for our aging system.

Motion to buy two laptops with upgraded SSD hard drives, two monitors as well as the Polaris timing system with back up timing head, antenna and any miscellaneous components needed. (
second and passed..

Motion that we authorize up to 1000.00 for the repair of the trailer roof. Jeff will look into the process.
Second and passed.

discussion to replace the trailer.
Motion to table the discussion until next year.
second and passed.

KP indicated that there are to many classes causing an unneeded load of work on the people who prepare the results for posting on the site. KP recommends that next year we look at possibly altering the number of classes. It was reported that the only issue with timing is the Open Class three run National style competing. If an Open Class driver drives more than three runs it causes more work to be done than is may be needed. A thought was to set up each open driver to listed twice as Open Class and Closed Class Or Open Class 1 and Open Class 2. This would eliminate the issue.

Jeff motion to table the classing discussion pending input from the club.
second and passed

Jeff makes motion to require that all junior carts have an easily accessible kill switch as recommended in the the SCCA rule book 19.2
second and passed

Jeff makes motion to require that all carts to wear a neck brace, anti abrasion clothing, gloves and full length pants per stated in the SCCA rule book 19.1g
second and passed.

motion to have on the website a section were regional supplemental rules can be easily found.
second and passed.

Voting results
RE: Niel Stanley
Asst RE: Jeff Mcvey
treasurer: Carl Somerton
Secretary: James DeMaris
editor: Sonny
activity director 1: Earl Eason
activity director 2: Auston Clark
activity director 3: Richard Thatcher

Jeff motion to make mandatory the national rules for course layout.
motion withdrawn

November event:

November 7th
master: Austin
course: Earl
safety: Jon
timing: Sonny

November 8th
master: Sonny
course: Neil
safety: Jeff
timing: Sonny

Dixie Miliken did not win the snake pot

motion to adjourn

09-15-2015 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order.

motion to waive of the meeting minutes second and passed

Treasurer report :
We have money.
Motion to accept.

Timing display update:

Motion to pay for repair of the second large display at a cost of $500.00 plus a new power adapter $45.00.
Second and passed.
Wireless triggers update:
$120.00 to $150.00 to repair. already approved.
Discussion. Rather than attempting to repair the system we have, there is the options that we may  be able to purchase a new system.

Motion to have Sonny and Neil to investigate the potential of upgrading/replacing the exiting timing system with the intent to present the findings at the next meeting.
Second and passed.

Cone report:
They are in Carl’s in his front yard.

Last event report:
made $105.00
event was very nice. the courses on Saturday and Sunday received no complaints.

Mountain home AFB:
Neil and Jim will approach mountain home to see if we can manage to get an event there.

Ontario site info:
Neil received info. Some of the Attendees complained about dust however the complaint was not directed towards the competitors. The complaint was towards the city not having done enough to prep the staging area. The mayor and the rest really liked the event. Even the people who complained about the dust enjoyed the event. As a result there is another larger area they might like to have us come back and run on. There is also another site at a large shopping center in Ontario that we may get access to. Neil will pursue the information. Above all else the competitors enjoyed the event and with resolution to the dust issue the SRRSCCA would love to revisit the Ontario site.

Next event: October 17th and 18th
Event master: Eric
Course: KP
Safety: Jeff
Timing: Sonny

Event master: Eric
Course: KP
Safety: Jeff
Timing: Sonny

RE: Neil Stanley
ASST: Jeff Mcvey
Treasurer: Carl Somerton
Secretary: James DeMaris
(Activities directors)
1. Richard Thatcher
2. Austin Clark
3. Earl Esson
4. Geoff Lodal
5. Sonny Wiersema
Any one that wants to put there name on the ballet should contact Carl Somerton by October 1st at Ballots will be sent on the October 2nd. October 20th meeting will be the meeting at which time the results will be read.
Sonny has also volunteer to be chef of timing for 2016.

There will be another safety school on Tuesday October the 27th
If you are interested contact Carl Somerton at

Motion to adjourn 8:13

Shane did not win the snake pot.

08-18-2015 Meeting minutes

Meeting called to order.

Motion to waive the meeting minutes.
Meeting minutes reading waived.

Treasurer report
We have money
accept there is no money in the snake pot. KP won it at last meeting.

Equipment report:
wireless timing status: Equipment is complete the last step is batteries.
Timing display: it was located after being lost. no work has been done but work will be done by Sonny and Jim.
Carl will receive the link for the needed parts and he will purchase it.
The club will purchase a distance wheel to assist with creating courses.

motion to purchase 100 cones. with a price not to exceeded $750.00

Need some one to mount the new monitor on its swing arm to the trailer so competitors can see there times.
Sonny and Nathan will do the installation.

Mountain home event:
it is not certain that the event will occur due to the fires and the area is being used for planes fighting those fires.
Due to the uncertainty the mountain home event has been canceled. A mass email will be sent.
There is a possibility that a replacement event at mountain home will occur.

Top gun event report:
A two day event with times from both days added together determines winner.
the event site was large and exciting. Jim and KP attended and finished in the top 10.
day one was clear but rained heavily with a lot of lightening at night. the second day the rain that came through with lightening had caused several fires making the second day event very smokey and hazy.

September event
12th and 13th
Event Master: Neal Stanley
Course: Neal Stanley
Safety: Richard Thatcher
Timing: Sonny
Registration: Carl
Event Master: Eric Sprague
Course: Richard Thatcher
Safety: KP
Timing: Sonny
Registration: Carl

Battery positive cover and relocation requirements discussion:
In vehicles that have a battery in stock location a positive cover is not required. If a battery has been relocated from a stock location then the battery must be in a marine box and must also have a cover on the positive cable. The gel batteries are exempt from the marine battery box requirement. As a club it was decided that these rules will be followed as written in the SCCA rule book

Scatter shields and other class required items that have been seen to not be followed.
It has been determined that this is up to the competitor to assure they meet the class requirements for there class.

Roger Reid did not win the snake the snake pot

Meeting adjourned

07-21-2015 SRRSCCA meeting minutes

Meeting called to order.

Motion to waive the reading of the meeting minutes.
second and moved

Treasurer Report:
We have some money.

Old business:
Expo Event Report.
There was the feeling that it was not a good idea to have an event the same say as Packwood. However we did make money on the event so it was a success.
Jim said the event was great on both days.

Packwood event report.
national tour. 269 entrants.
Eric: first in class
Darryl: first in class
Blair: A-mod fastest overall.
KP: took second in class.
Jeff: Did not come in last. He was second to last.

New Business

Next Event
Saturday July 25th
Keith: Event Master
Jim: Safety
KP: Course
DJ: Registration
Keith: Timing

Sunday July 26th
Geoff: Event Master
Richard: Safety
Keith: Course
Timing: DJ
Registration: DJ

August first is Form Fest.
Trailers can be dropped off Friday evening. setup around 9:00am to 10:00am. Everyone is encouraged to come out and see the cars.

$186.00 snake pot was won by KP. Number was chosen by Keith

7:33 adjourned