05-17-2016 Meeting minutes

Meeting called to order.

Minutes waived.

Treasurer report.
We have money.

Carl motion to to fix the window on the trailer.
second and passed.

John motion to donate 500$ to the mountain home lions club.
It is felt that it is a good idea since mountain home as a city has been an amazing supporter of the SRRSCCA.
second and passed.

Ontario Municipal report.
We are still waiting to hear back from the Ontario.
KP Motion to move the June 11th and 12th Ontario Municipal to the Mountain home municipal.
second and passed

Jeff motion to have a second chief of tech.
second and passed.

Motion to adjourn

Joshua Regielsburger did not win the $23.00 snake pot.

04-19-2016 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order.

Minutes waived.

We have money

Neal indicated that there was a need to get around 100 soft cones.
Mike motion to buy 100 soft cones.
Second and passed.

The event master of any upcoming event would need to contact the important positions to verify they are attending. There is no motion needed. This is an expectation of the postion.

Air force report
The air force has not said no to the SRRSCCA having an event at the mountain home air force base. they appear to still be very interested.

Ontario event
It appears that we will not be running at Ontario.

KP motion to cancle all listed Ontario events from the schedule.
Second and passed

Event report.
The last couple events seem to have been very impressive courses. The only concern was timing had some issues. This is related to equipment issues. It is felt that a headset for the starter and one for the person in the trailer would be beneficial to resolving some of the issues with communication in timing.

It has been observed that course workers tend to bunch up at there stations where there is a tendency to miss downed cones. It also causes confusion on who is to get what cones. It is felt that it is the worker chiefs job to address these issues when they come up as well as to discuss this at the beginning of the event. It is also felt that safety should be observant of course workers to help prevent this from becoming an issue on the course.

Sonny motion to change the name IMS to street unlimited.
Discussion. Changing the name in the middle of the season may not be received well. It was pointed out that the number of IMS entries has shrunk to just a couple entrants at each event. It is felt that the members of IMS should be allowed time to discuss the idea. It is recommended that the idea be posted online to allow discussion and then revisited later this year.
Issue was not seconded.
Sonny motions that we table this issue until towards the end of the season to allow for input from IMS

KP motions that starting in the 2017 season there will be only national SCCA classes and no others accept for the novice and Street Unlimited should it become a class.
It is felt that making a rule that we cannot have any other classes is a knee jerk reaction and would tie our hands should the need for another class arise. This also means that open class would be eliminated.
second and motion did NOT pass.

We will have credit card payment capable for the rest of the season.

With great respect Charles Fletcher did not win the snake pot.

Motion to adjourn

3-15-2016 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order

Meeting minutes reading waived

Treasurer report:
Carl is not present However we have money

Mountain Home Municipal Airport Report:
The city council was not aware of the reported issues and we will now wait for the meeting with the air port BOD that meeting is happening now….UPDATE Jim Oday made contact during this meeting and stated that we are approved for the dates we have scheduled.

KP motion to keep the current schedule as it is in mountain home municipal airport
second and passed

Ontario Report
Nothing to report on the use of the Ontario air port.

Mountain Home AFB Report:
Neal reported that he is expecting the agreement documentation from Mountain Home AFB to be sent to him and once he receives it he will review and report back at the April meeting.

Porsche Club Report:
Neal received an email from the Porsche club and he would like there to be one person to be the contact between them and the SRRSCCA. Robert Terhune will contact Jeff and determine which of the two will be the point of contact.
Like last year the SRRSCCA will organize and run the event. the SRRSCCA members that volunteer will have a paid lunch and free entry for the next day. More details will be provided as we get closer.

Neal passed out a form for members to sign up to run the event.
Upcoming Events
March 26th and 27th

March 26th
event master: Robert Terhune
Safety: Jeff Mcvey
Course: KP
Registration: Eric Sprague
Tech: James DeMaris

March 27th
event master:Austin Clark
Safety:Jeff Mcvey
Course: Robert Terhune
Registration: Eric Sprague

April 9th and 10th

April 9th
Event master:TBD
Safety: TBD
Course: KP
Registration: Sonny Wiesman
Tech: James DeMaris

April 10th
event master: Austin Clark
Safety: KP
Course: TBD
Registration: Sonny Wiesman
Tech: TBD

If you are interested in filling one or more of the open positions please contact Neal.

It was discussed that in the event that Mountain home AFB does allow us to run we will look at replacing expo Idaho dates with mountain home AFB. This will prevent adding dates to the schedule.

KP motion to offer a special rate to Rebuilding Generations of 20.00 for the weekend for the mentored individuals they bring. The condition of this will be that the participants show up early to help set up and stay late enough to help break down.
second and passed.

Motion to adjourn.

02-16-2016 meeting minutes

Meeting called to order.
Ground rules for meeting: discussing a motion cannot be done until the motion is made. Each person that would like to present input on a motion can do so once but must wait until each other person has made a statement before making another statement on the subject.

Waive minutes reading.

Treasurer report.
We have money.

Discussion Neil: The AFB is seeming to be very interested in having us come back out and run there. A few stipulations exist. A few weeks prior to the event the base needs to have a list of participants that included name SSN and Birthday. Also those people would need to be on a list on the day of the event and they will be presented with a map that designates allowable areas they can be in. There is also a potential for there to be a cap on the number of participants. Neel presented a map of the area that we would be allowed to be run on. Possible time frame for an event on the the AFB is two to three weeks after the first event of the season. As soon as a definite date is presented it will be posted on the website as well as other areas.

KP pointed out that we want to assure that we keep good relations with the municipal Airport in mountain home. It was agreed that this is important and we would need to keep good relations and good communication with the BOD and the city council.

Neal stated he will attend the various meetings.

Ontario report:
Nothing new has been presented from Ontario. We are attempting to get to a new area for better driving however no solid information is available.

Jeff has constructed a fold able a-frame for helmets to be used during the event.

Jeff motion
Eliminate the participation points system. (second)
Discussion: Carl indicated there were issues with the collection of the points was flawed. KP stated that he believed that the points system was not needed and that points should not be a method of getting people to help or participate. It was discussed that there could be other incentives such as raffles. Another view was that the encouragement to participate at events should be handled and organized by the event master during the events.

Motions passes.

KP motion
Championship points are figured by total points from all but 10% of the pointed events. (second)
Discussion: It was indicated that it would appear to be a participation driven system rather then competition driven. Several people indicated that all but 25% should be the threshold. It was also indicated that with a schedule that may be tentative in nature it would be difficult for a competitor to plan his season around the system. Also it was stated any event that has a cap on the number of competitors or they are not allowed due to a denial as a result of a back ground check then that event should not be a “pointed event”.

Amended motion. Championship points are figured by total points from all but 25% of the pointed events rounded down to the nearest whole number.

Amended Motion passes.

Jeff motion
To be eligible for a trophy you must participate in half plus one rounded down to the nearest round number.
The concern is that this may drive away participation. Others felt that having a trophy for more individuals may drive up participation. It was advised that the cost of trophies and banquets create a situation where the club ends up loosing money to the point of possible bankruptcy if the number of trophies given increases from decreasing the number of required events.
Motion passed.

8:10 motion
Minimum number of events for a person to to qualify for a trophy be a number based on the average number of events participated in year prior plus one.
Discussion. the ambiguous nature of the number to qualify makes it difficult to quantify as the number of events may change during a season. It is understood by all members at the meeting that this motion, if passed negates the motion made by Jeff at 8:08. (to be eligible for a trophy you must participate in half plus one rounded down to the nearest round number.)

(Amended) To qualify for a trophy a person must participate in 8 events and that no one participant can trophy in more than 1 class.

Number 77 was selected for snake pot
KP won the snake pot.

motion to adjourn

meeting adjourned.

SRRSCCA Awards Banquet is tonight (1/23/16) at 6 p.m.

The Awards banquet is tonight from 6 p.m. to (roughly) 9 p.m.  We’re excited to have everyone show up for food, fun, and prizes.  Food will be provided starting at 7 p.m. and we’ll have Hot Wheels racing before that.

We’ll be raffling off several prizes tonight as well, including gift cards to SoloPerformance, hats, shirts and a couple free Autocross days (value of $30 each).  You will get a raffle ticket upon entry to the banquet as part of your $10 fee, but you can purchase more tickets for $1 if you’d like to increase your chance of winning these great prizes.

Finally, there will be a cash bar for those that wish to imbibe, but please be responsible and have a designated driver or arrange for a cab.

We look forward to seeing everyone have a fun night!  See you there!

SRRSCCA End of Season Celebration!

Come join the Snake River Region of the SCCA to celebrate another successful season. The Race Season has come to a close and it is time to celebrate our accomplishments, reminisce about the great memories, and discuss next year’s fun. It will be on January 23rd, at Restoration Rods on State Street. The banquet will be from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. This event will be catered, so we will have good food! The cost is $10.00 per person, children 10 and under free. Please RSVP if you plan to attend.

You can send a check to Neal, and we’re working on getting PayPal setup shortly. The Banquet page is up! Click on the “Banquet Signup and Payment” link at the top of the page, or just click here.

Call Neal Stanley with questions at 208-629-0931

or send a check to:
Neal Stanley
2229 E Mackay Ct.
Meridian, Idaho 83642

We hope you can attend, and look forward to seeing you there!

Sign this…

Below is a link to an online petition. Please sign it for the club..share it on your Facebook, twitter, Etc..Get your family to sign it. Hell, knock on some doors on your block and get them to sign it. LOL

The purpose of this petition is to garner as much support as possible to attempt to get the Idaho State Police POST facility as an available venue for the club. We have attempted this before, but…try and try again.

Having 1000+ signatures and a good plan will hopefully go a long way to getting this great event site for the club.

Thanks the staff of the SRRSCCA