02-16-2016 meeting minutes

Meeting called to order.
Ground rules for meeting: discussing a motion cannot be done until the motion is made. Each person that would like to present input on a motion can do so once but must wait until each other person has made a statement before making another statement on the subject.

Waive minutes reading.

Treasurer report.
We have money.

Discussion Neil: The AFB is seeming to be very interested in having us come back out and run there. A few stipulations exist. A few weeks prior to the event the base needs to have a list of participants that included name SSN and Birthday. Also those people would need to be on a list on the day of the event and they will be presented with a map that designates allowable areas they can be in. There is also a potential for there to be a cap on the number of participants. Neel presented a map of the area that we would be allowed to be run on. Possible time frame for an event on the the AFB is two to three weeks after the first event of the season. As soon as a definite date is presented it will be posted on the website as well as other areas.

KP pointed out that we want to assure that we keep good relations with the municipal Airport in mountain home. It was agreed that this is important and we would need to keep good relations and good communication with the BOD and the city council.

Neal stated he will attend the various meetings.

Ontario report:
Nothing new has been presented from Ontario. We are attempting to get to a new area for better driving however no solid information is available.

Jeff has constructed a fold able a-frame for helmets to be used during the event.

Jeff motion
Eliminate the participation points system. (second)
Discussion: Carl indicated there were issues with the collection of the points was flawed. KP stated that he believed that the points system was not needed and that points should not be a method of getting people to help or participate. It was discussed that there could be other incentives such as raffles. Another view was that the encouragement to participate at events should be handled and organized by the event master during the events.

Motions passes.

KP motion
Championship points are figured by total points from all but 10% of the pointed events. (second)
Discussion: It was indicated that it would appear to be a participation driven system rather then competition driven. Several people indicated that all but 25% should be the threshold. It was also indicated that with a schedule that may be tentative in nature it would be difficult for a competitor to plan his season around the system. Also it was stated any event that has a cap on the number of competitors or they are not allowed due to a denial as a result of a back ground check then that event should not be a “pointed event”.

Amended motion. Championship points are figured by total points from all but 25% of the pointed events rounded down to the nearest whole number.

Amended Motion passes.

Jeff motion
To be eligible for a trophy you must participate in half plus one rounded down to the nearest round number.
The concern is that this may drive away participation. Others felt that having a trophy for more individuals may drive up participation. It was advised that the cost of trophies and banquets create a situation where the club ends up loosing money to the point of possible bankruptcy if the number of trophies given increases from decreasing the number of required events.
Motion passed.

8:10 motion
Minimum number of events for a person to to qualify for a trophy be a number based on the average number of events participated in year prior plus one.
Discussion. the ambiguous nature of the number to qualify makes it difficult to quantify as the number of events may change during a season. It is understood by all members at the meeting that this motion, if passed negates the motion made by Jeff at 8:08. (to be eligible for a trophy you must participate in half plus one rounded down to the nearest round number.)

(Amended) To qualify for a trophy a person must participate in 8 events and that no one participant can trophy in more than 1 class.

Number 77 was selected for snake pot
KP won the snake pot.

motion to adjourn

meeting adjourned.