3-15-2016 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order

Meeting minutes reading waived

Treasurer report:
Carl is not present However we have money

Mountain Home Municipal Airport Report:
The city council was not aware of the reported issues and we will now wait for the meeting with the air port BOD that meeting is happening now….UPDATE Jim Oday made contact during this meeting and stated that we are approved for the dates we have scheduled.

KP motion to keep the current schedule as it is in mountain home municipal airport
second and passed

Ontario Report
Nothing to report on the use of the Ontario air port.

Mountain Home AFB Report:
Neal reported that he is expecting the agreement documentation from Mountain Home AFB to be sent to him and once he receives it he will review and report back at the April meeting.

Porsche Club Report:
Neal received an email from the Porsche club and he would like there to be one person to be the contact between them and the SRRSCCA. Robert Terhune will contact Jeff and determine which of the two will be the point of contact.
Like last year the SRRSCCA will organize and run the event. the SRRSCCA members that volunteer will have a paid lunch and free entry for the next day. More details will be provided as we get closer.

Neal passed out a form for members to sign up to run the event.
Upcoming Events
March 26th and 27th

March 26th
event master: Robert Terhune
Safety: Jeff Mcvey
Course: KP
Registration: Eric Sprague
Tech: James DeMaris

March 27th
event master:Austin Clark
Safety:Jeff Mcvey
Course: Robert Terhune
Registration: Eric Sprague

April 9th and 10th

April 9th
Event master:TBD
Safety: TBD
Course: KP
Registration: Sonny Wiesman
Tech: James DeMaris

April 10th
event master: Austin Clark
Safety: KP
Course: TBD
Registration: Sonny Wiesman
Tech: TBD

If you are interested in filling one or more of the open positions please contact Neal.

It was discussed that in the event that Mountain home AFB does allow us to run we will look at replacing expo Idaho dates with mountain home AFB. This will prevent adding dates to the schedule.

KP motion to offer a special rate to Rebuilding Generations of 20.00 for the weekend for the mentored individuals they bring. The condition of this will be that the participants show up early to help set up and stay late enough to help break down.
second and passed.

Motion to adjourn.