04-19-2016 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order.

Minutes waived.

We have money

Neal indicated that there was a need to get around 100 soft cones.
Mike motion to buy 100 soft cones.
Second and passed.

The event master of any upcoming event would need to contact the important positions to verify they are attending. There is no motion needed. This is an expectation of the postion.

Air force report
The air force has not said no to the SRRSCCA having an event at the mountain home air force base. they appear to still be very interested.

Ontario event
It appears that we will not be running at Ontario.

KP motion to cancle all listed Ontario events from the schedule.
Second and passed

Event report.
The last couple events seem to have been very impressive courses. The only concern was timing had some issues. This is related to equipment issues. It is felt that a headset for the starter and one for the person in the trailer would be beneficial to resolving some of the issues with communication in timing.

It has been observed that course workers tend to bunch up at there stations where there is a tendency to miss downed cones. It also causes confusion on who is to get what cones. It is felt that it is the worker chiefs job to address these issues when they come up as well as to discuss this at the beginning of the event. It is also felt that safety should be observant of course workers to help prevent this from becoming an issue on the course.

Sonny motion to change the name IMS to street unlimited.
Discussion. Changing the name in the middle of the season may not be received well. It was pointed out that the number of IMS entries has shrunk to just a couple entrants at each event. It is felt that the members of IMS should be allowed time to discuss the idea. It is recommended that the idea be posted online to allow discussion and then revisited later this year.
Issue was not seconded.
Sonny motions that we table this issue until towards the end of the season to allow for input from IMS

KP motions that starting in the 2017 season there will be only national SCCA classes and no others accept for the novice and Street Unlimited should it become a class.
It is felt that making a rule that we cannot have any other classes is a knee jerk reaction and would tie our hands should the need for another class arise. This also means that open class would be eliminated.
second and motion did NOT pass.

We will have credit card payment capable for the rest of the season.

With great respect Charles Fletcher did not win the snake pot.

Motion to adjourn