06-21-2016 Meeting minutes

meeting called to order.

Meeting minutes waived.

we have money

Neil half season assessment.

It has been a good season. There has been a lot of fun courses. Neil stated that the course designer is the one responsible for the actual design of the course. Safety is the only one to address issues with the course but no one should attempt to alter the course design that the course designer has designed.

The air force base decided to not have SRRSCCA run on there site. It was stated that since we are running at Mountain Home Municipal then there was no need to run on the AFB. however Neil will attempt to generate some advertising opportunities at the AFB.

Neil would like to have the banquet earlier then last year and it could possibly be in October or November. We will consider the options as a club and at the next meeting we will have this decided.

Carl move to give $300.00 to the mayor of mountain home for the tree to be hung from a light post on the main st
second and passed.

Neil would like to set up a comity to approach meridian in an attempt to use there training facility. This is to be perused over the winter.

7:42 motion to adjourn

KP did not win the snake pot