08-16-2016 Meeting minutes

Meeting called to order.

Minutes waived.

Treasurer report.
We have money.

Neal indicated that he would like the next banquet to be as soon as two weeks after the last event. He has passed around a signup sheet for a committee to organize the event.

2017 Nominations
Neal Stanley: director
Jeff Mcvey: Asst Director
Carl Somerton: Treasurer
?——-?: Secretary

Activities Directors

Additional nominations need to be made by September 30th.

Neal stated that it has been noticed that there is an issue with how long people stand in the heat during an event. We will be making an effort to organize so that there is minimal difference in how long a group works and we may also provide some method of creating some type of relief at the worker stations when it is hot/cold/rain etc,,,,

7:51 motion to adjourn

Curtis did not with the snake pot of $37.00