09-20-2016 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order.

Minutes waived.

We have money

Banquet Discussion:
No word from Brent at Restoration Rods on weather the event will be there. Neal expects to hear about it in a couple days.
Neal is soliciting help with planning the banquet. He passed a paper around a signup paper. Anyone interested in helping should contact Neal to see what help is needed.
Current volunteers
Jim Herrud
Jeff Mcvey
Mike Billings
Austin Clark
Sonny Wiesman
Andrea Peterson

The October 22 and 23 event will be a charity event benefiting Dillon Risk. Dillon had an unfortunate accident at the hill climb. We ask that everyone spread the word for this event. Information is posted on Facebook and will be on the website.

Oct 22nd
Event master: Jeff Mcvey
Course: Jim and Austin
Safety: Mike Billings
Tech: Darrell Mcvey
Registration: Carl
Timing: Sonny

Event Master: Darrell Mcvey
Course: Neal Stanley
Safety: Jeff Mcvey
Tech: Austin
Registration: Mark
Trailer: Carl
Timing: Sonny and Mark
September 24th
Event Master: Neal Stanley
Course: KP
Safety: Mike Billings
Tech: Austin
Registration: Carl
Trailer: Carl
Timing: Sonny and Cynthia
Novice Instructor: Jim Oday

Event Master:
Course: Jim and Austin
Safety: Jeff Mcvey
Tech: Darrell Mcvey
Registration: Mark Ruth
Trailer: Carl
Timing: Sonny, Cynthia, Mark

This meeting notifies all IMS members that the club wants to change there Class Name to Street Unlimited. If the members of IMS would like to come and give input on the idea please come to the October meeting. At that meeting a vote will be had.

Neal discussing the need to drive participation. Would like to set up a group or committee to do things such as approach various news outlets and hand out flyers and such.

RE: Neal
Asst Re: Jeff
Treasure: Carl
Secretary: Sonny
Editor: Needed!
Activities Directors:
1. Austin
2. Mark Ruth
3. Greg Havener
Activity director duties.
Official Roster. (member and participant info.)
Novice Assistance.

Joshua Reglesperger did not win $48 snake pot.

motion to adjourn

any one that wants to have there name added to the Nominee must notify Carl Somerton by the September 30th at midnight.