10-18-2016 meeting minutes.

Meeting called to order.

Meeting minutes.
read waived

we have money

Carl motion to reduce the number of events from 20+ to 16 events.
Sonny indicated that it may work better at 18 events.
It was asked about how tough it would be to add events if needed. It was stated that it is impossible to add events at the fair grounds since they require a years schedule at the begining of the year.
Neal clarified that the idea is to eliminate some two day events to one day events. The intent would be to keep the season the same span the the same time frame of the year.
Motion: failed

KP motion to have 18 events.
No aditional discussion.
Motion: passes

Jeff motion to change the name IMS to Street Unlimted however all the rules that applied to IMS will Apply to Street Unlimited
Motion: passes

(discussion for the next meeting)

1. Cost to run next year.
2. We are going to decide on a points system for the 2017 season.)


Richard thatcher was a write in for editor. Neal will contact him to varify he is willing.

:Election Results:
RE: Neal Stanley
ASST RE: Jeff McVey
Treasure: Carl Somerton
Secretary: Sonny

:Activities Directors:
Editor: Richard Thatcher
1. Austin Clark
2. Mark Ruth
3. Greg Havener

Tim Nichols did not win the $48 Snake pot.

Motion to adjourn