1-17-2017 Meeting Minutes

Autocross meeting, January 17, 2017

Present: Neal, Jeff McVey, Sonny, KP, Andrea, Ryan Gese, Austin, Robert Terhune, Earl Esson, Jim Herrud

Call to order – 7 p.m.

Jeff moved to wave the reading of the minutes of the last meeting.  Motion passed.

Jeff announces the schedule that has just been decided by the schedule committee.

  • We’re going to confirm the Expo days in the next couple of days
  • We’re going to attempt to get an extra 2 weekends at Mt. Home, for a total of 22 events.  Secretary will post the schedule and minutes after the meeting.
  • May 20 and 21 is first
  • Sept 30 & Oct 1 is next
  • Neal will attempt to get these 2 weekends scheduled.

Next topic – Competition.  To spur more competition, the discussion is whether the club should consider a year of putting all classes in “Category Supergroups”. i.e. – all Street cars are in a “Street Supergroup”, all Street Touring cars will use “Street Touring” Supergroup.

  • This will be posted on the SRRSCCA website, as well as Facebook to let everyone know that this is going to be voted on in February.
  • It needs to be noted that this is not optional…your specific class determines what Supergroup Category you’re in.

Trophies – The next item is how to give trophies for this year.

A clear definition of how trophies are awarded is being discussed.

Sonny makes a motion that we give trophies to the first 3 winners (that qualify for a trophy by attending the minimum number of events to qualify) of each class or category-super-group. No qualifying competitors after 3rd place shall be given an award. The awards given will be determined by a Trophy Committee at the end of the season.

  • Jeff seconds the motion.
  • Vote is 7 to 3.
  • Vote passes.

Jeff makes a motion to adjourn meeting.

  • Meeting adjourned.