March 21st 2017 Meeting Minutes

Waive of last month’s minutes

Seconded. All in favor – unanimous.

Finances – we have money in the accounts

Needed equipment for the trailer:

  • 2 brooms
  • Batteries
  • Cones

Old business

New business

Austin makes the proposal to add a PAX only class to allow drivers who drive alone in their class an option to run against other drivers in the PAX class. Times will be based off the PAX time. Winner at the end of the year is based off of PAX standing points overall at the end of the season.

Sonny seconds the motion


Votes – unanimous Passed

Austin asks about getting the lot swept for the season.

  • The club would pay for this.
  • Waylon will get pricing from a local vendor

Greg Havener brings up participation rates. He thinks we could get more people racing if we stop calling new guys “newbies” or “novices”, and call them “Rookies” instead.

  • look at the San Diego region’s FaceBook page to get ideas.

Earl makes a motion that we sing Happy Birthday to Andrea for her birthday.

Motion seconded.

Voted. Passed.

Sonny steps down as Secretary, Mark Ruth accepts the position.

Sonny is the clubs Editor.

Andrea wants more business cards – $10 from the club.

Snake Pot – Neal Stanley did NOT win the Snake Pot for $65.