April 18, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Event Assignments:
May 6 Expo
Event Master:  Jeff McVey
Course: Neal Stanley
Safety: Mike Billings
Tech: Darrell McVey
Timing: Sonny
May 7 Expo
Event Master Andrea Peterson
Course: Waylon/ Greg/ Earl
Safety: Mike Billings
Tech: Derrell McVey
Timing: Sonny
Motion to waive meeting minutes by Jeff, seconded by Andrea
Carl- We have money and are in the black after our first two weekends
Neal- Porsche Club is a go on June 3rd. We need to know what elements they would like for their event. Skid pad, slalom, 2 90’/sweeper, decreasing/increasing radius are recommended. Waylon taking the lead on Porsche communication and will get insight from the club on the desired features.
Vettefest will be on Friday July 21.  We will need 15-20 people to help work the event.  They will pay for our event the next day, Saturday July 21.
90% chance we drop Ontario
We have 18 events right now, but Ontario is going to fall through. If we had Sat 22 and Sunday the 30th (day after the current single sat we have booked), we get back to 18. We would save money on sanctioning fees.
Jeff moves we book the July 22, and 30th to make up for Ontario. Seconded by Waylon.
Earl- can we do double for both days? It would take us over the 18 event threshold
Motion passes
Neil recommends we pay for the hotdogs and ask for donations so we don’t break Expo agreements. Cost of about $55. Happy camper kicking in $100 for softdrinks and other beverages after the event. Trailer supplied for every event as well.
Neil- has discussed with vettefest and porche people. Try to get an increase in the amount of events that run with us. An event prior to the porche event, we allow them to come and run (pay our memebership fees and run by our rules and our course. They work the stations just like we do. We setup a class for only their club. they get to compete against only their club. We do this once or twice a year, we keep our club identity. They can use this to promote their own club and we could get a few of them hooked to return. We do this with the porche, miata, and vette clubs. Bill makes motion,seconded by Jeff. Motion passes. Setup an area for polish and show and shine?
Mountain Home
Lot south of Mountain home for autocross lot is still alive but may take some time. Still working with mountain home airport for our current needs. One person is fighting against us and wants to keep the taxiway, side exit and fuel station open. Neil has a proposal for how we could run to keep the desired area free. We would not have to stop for any planes landing.
Motion to bump to $25 flat military rate for mountain home event (Earl). Seconded by Andrea. Motion passes
New Business- New board member-
Greg Nominated for Activities Director
Andrea motions for a safety school. We have at least 3 people interested (Mark, Andrea, Greg).
Discussion to have a refresher or tune up for current safety stewards and to norm on our club policies. Date tentatively May 9th for current safety stewards. School for new
Waylon- We bought new brooms. Why don’t we use a blower? They walk away from the trailer. $180. Waylon will bring his to test for the next event to see if it is worth the investment.
Greg- Other clubs chalk the course. Can we do this? We have done previously but the machine rotted away. They cost about $300. The problem is our Sunday events and the chalking from Sat. Worry is that things are not used or walk away. We should clean the trailer. It has been 3 years since the last cleaning.
It will be the event masters responsibility to delegate a trailer chief for loading up the trailer on Sunday. Jeff will add to responsibilities
Mark- We need to purchase a cable to make the monitor on the back of the trailer work. Will cost approx $15, approved
Mark- Facebook advertisements improved the number of interactions on our event page. Costs approx. $20 per event. Approved for two events to see if the continued investment is worth it.
Mark- Can we purchase the phone app to allow for live results to broadcast, similar to what was used last year. Last years software program no longer works. Tabled until next meeting so the club can review what information would be available with the new program.
Mark- We should revisit the costs for running one vs two events. Recommends to revert to the even costs previously utilized. So far the increase in two day participants appears to be better than in previous years. Too little data to make a decision now, so will be tabled for a later meeting to gather more data on the effectiveness of the cost setup.
Come with ideas for this year’s benefit event
Jeff- Motion to close, seconded by Andrea