May 16, 2017 Meeting Minutes

  • Meeting Minutes- 5-16-17
    Motion to waive minutes (Jeff) seconded (Andrea) motion passes.
    Treasurer’s report we have money in the our accounts.
    Motion to accept treasurer’s report (Jeff) Seconded (Austin) motion passes.
    Sign-ups for Mountain Home Event
    Saturday May 21
    Course- Neal
    Event Master- Neal
    Timing- Sonny
    Safety- Jeff (Andrea training)
    Trailer- ??????
    Tech- Darrell
    Sunday May 22
    Event Master- Neal
    Timing- ??????
    Safety- ??????
    Tech- Darrell
    June 3 Porsche Only Event
    Event Master- Austin
    Timing- Sonny
    Safety- Greg
    Trailer- Neal
    Tech- Darrell
    Volunteers get a free event for each event worked. We need 15 people
    Mountain Home- we may have to troubleshoot the parking for the event. We are looking into camping options for the event.
    We have talked to the Miata, Porsche, and Vette Club for a “club within a club” so they run against themselves for the event. They would need to run by our rules and pay the regular
    Charity Event-
    We need to think about what we would want our “once per year” charity event we run.
    -High School- Partnering with a school to give HS students an outlet to have a driving school and have a safe place to drive fast.
    -We want to look into the Idaho State Police venue. We could partner with them and donate proceeds to the ISP.
    There was a Safety Meeting last Tuesday. Safety is not something that the entire club can vote on. Safety belongs to the safety committee. Common sense rules and safety comes first.
    HOT AREA – SCCA members, drivers, and their guests ONLY. All entering MUST sign waiver before entry and display wristband at all times. Pets and children under 12 years of age* are not permitted. See SCCA” Waiver Procedures Checklist” for details.
    *Except SCCA Formula Junior kart drivers.
  • There are several waivers for juniors to sign if they would like to enter the hot area. This will be the responsibility of the Safety Steward.
    Guests must have a “sponsor” to be able to come into the hot area. The guests become the responsibility of the sponsor. If someone comes to the gate. Talks of relocating the recreation trailer and hot dog stand to an area where Grid does not need to be crossed for guests to watch runs. Spectators can still stand in the fenced dirt lot to watch as well. Spectators interested in getting into the gated Hot Area will need to talk to our Gate worker, who will call a club member over to sponsor the guest and show the ropes and things not to do in the Hot Area
    New Business:
    Motion (KP) to purchase the app that shows standings live. Seconded (Andrea)- Motion passes. Carl will buy and Sonny will set it up.
    Motion to Adjourn (KP) Seconded (Austin)- Motion passes