June 20th, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes 6.20.17
Treasury Report: we have funds
Bill to Porsche club was over $3,000. Invoice was sent, but was returned. After follow up
communication, it has been sent to an updated personal address. We received lots of
compliments from the Porsche club for a smooth, fun event.
Neal: Season has been running smoothly and people are enjoying the event. Hotdogs
have helped and positive attitudes have helped
Neal: Packwood: Neal will have a trailer going up. Looking for others taking trailers up
to see who else can help transport tires/equipment for others attending who don’t have
space. Possibly Austin and KP also taking trailers. We can use facebook to make
announcements to see what people may need help transporting.
Neal: Neal will look into Ontario venue for a Test n tune get together before Packwood
likely the weekend before 4thof July. THIS WOULD NOT BE AN EVENT. Neal will
post updates on facebook if this materializes. Looking for a hunk of asphalt that’s free.
We would incur a $120 insurance fee at a minimum but we want to minimize any extra
costs. Trying to avoid sanctioning fee. Can setup some basic elements like a 100ft
skidpad, slalom.  We could take the corner balance scales.
*Side note: if anyone wants to corner balance, just call Neal. The scales belong to the
We need to schedule a trailer cleaning. Looking for people that would be available on a
weekday afternoon, likely a Friday. Neal will put out a facebook announcement.
We need to make a charity event. Juvenile diabetes research foundation being held by
Reliable Bob’s. We can look at joining with this charity event if we choose. It would give
us more exposure and we could contribute to the contributions.
Andrea makes the motion to tie in our charity event with fairly reliable bobs charity
event. Seconded by Matt Elliot. Motion passes.
Corvette event is on a Friday July 21. We still need volunteers. It is a morning event, we
get to use the afternoon as a test n tune event. Cars teched at 7:00am. Just people to do
tech, timing, start, course. Need about 15 people. List going around for volunteers. They
are prepopulating classes and numbers for their group. We will only supply wristbands
and entry forms.
Mountain Home venue feedback. We would rather run at BSU than mountain home.
Each time we’ve run at mountain home, we ran a charitable contribution. We normally do
not pay for the lot and financially come out ahead.
  • We are looking at getting the BSU parking lot back on our rotation. We have concerns
    for crowd control. We would need to block off approximately 2,000 ft of walkway. We
    don’t know if it’s a freebee or any other details. If BSU comes out more financially
    beneficial, the preference is to run BSU.
    Jeffery Richardson did not win the snakepot.
    Andrea: motion to adjourn Seconded by Carl. Motion passes.