July 18th, 2017 Meeting Minutes

SRR-SCCA Meeting Minutes: 07/18/2017
SRR-SCCA Regional Executive, Neal Stanley opened the meeting at 7:00pm. A motion was made to waive reading of the minutes from the last meeting. Treasurer, Carl Somerton read the Treasurer’s Report. A motion was made to accept that Report. It was seconded and passed.
Neal spoke about the upcoming “Vette Fest” event that SRR-SCCA is conducting for the Valley
Corvette Club at Expo Idaho on Friday morning, July, 21. Neal requested volunteers to work that
event, and a number of people signed up. Those working that event will be entitled to run a “Test-N- Tune” that afternoon, as well as an AutoX event the following day, free of charge.
Neal pointed out that this was be the last SRR-SCCA general membership meeting prior to running of the events on July 21-22, July 29-30, and August 5-6. Accordingly, he also solicited volunteers for the primary work positions for those events. Thus far, those positions are listed as follows:
EVENT MASTER                COURSE DESIGN               SAFETY               TECH                  TIMING
7/22 Andrea Petersen         Neal or KP ?                John Schultz      Austin Clark       Ryan Gese
7/29 Jeff McVey                    Austin Clark                 Mike Billings    Darrell McVey     Sonny W.
7/30 Austin Clark                  Neal or KP?                Jeff + Andrea     Darrell McVey    Sonny W.
8/05 Austin Clark              Andrea Petersen            Jeff McVey        Darrell McVey    Sonny W.
8/06 Jeff McVey                     Austin Clark         Mike Billings           Darrell McVey      Sonny W.
John Schultz mentioned that he saw some Porsches running an event in the parking lot at Boise State University. This was not a Silver Sage/PCA event, but rather one sponsored by the Porsche dealer. Neal mentioned that he and Waylon were already investigating the situation, and thought while a return to the BSU facility was a possibility for us, it does have some challenges. Specifically, that would be crowd control as, unlike Expo Idaho the lot is not fenced. Discussion followed concerning crowd control measures, cost (if any) for the facility, and the fact, that just about everyone would appreciate an alternative site. Neal and Waylon will investigate further in hope of making arrangements for events there in 2018.
Neal brought up the topic of lime/flour dry line spreaders. It seemed like just about everybody liked the idea. A motion was made to authorize Neal to spend up to $300.00 for the purchase of a dry line spreader machine. That motion was seconded and passed.
As no computer listing all member names was available at the meeting, the Snake Pot drawing was carried over to our next meeting, on Tuesday, August 15 – same bat time, same bat channel.
Jeff McVey, Assistant Regional Executive, July 18, 2017