August 15th Meeting minutes

  • Meeting Minutes August 15th
    Jeff makes a motion to waive the minutes from the previous meeting. Seconded by
    Richard. Motion passes
    Treasurer’s Report: we have money.
    Neal: Our back-to-back events did not make the money we expected, but we were in
    good financial shape before the events, so we are still doing good for the season.
    Neal: The early start worked out well, but it should not be a regular occurrence unless the
    forecast calls for 100+ temps
    -9 straight runs is tough on people and tough on our cars
    -The early starts were good, but we future early starts will still incorporate a morning and afternoon run setup with a lunch
    Neal: Reminder that the Event Master makes the decisions at an event, not the RE (Neal)
    The next event weekend is September 9th and 10th
    Sept 9th
    **Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund Charity Event**
    Event Master: Andrea
    Course Design: Waylon
    Tech: Austin
    Safety: ????
    Timing/Registration: Jeremy B, Sonny
    Sept 10th
    Event Master: Neal
    Course Design: Terry Dorman
    Tech: Darrell
    Safety: Earl
    Timing/Registration: Sonny
    Porsche club has not yet paid. It has been difficult to get a hold of them. Neal’s
    recommendation is that we do not partner with Porsche again unless there is a written
    agreement in place
    There is a tentative request for the club to setup an autocross event for a local Mazda
    group led by Keath Eggert. This could run as a “club within a club” for this event, having
    their own class. The date is very specific and may not align with weekends that are
    available at the Idaho Fair Grounds. We will continue to monitor the interest and
    There are many new faces at the meeting, so everyone did a short introduction.
    The End-of-Year Banquet is approaching. A sign-up sheet for being on the Banquet
    Committee went around the room
    A reminder that we are partnering with Fairly Reliable Bobs for our yearly charity event.
    Proceeds go to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. The Corvette being auctioned
    off by Fairly Reliable Bobs will take place in early October.
    Jeff motions that we select September 9th as our charity event.
    Seconded by Andrea. Motion passes.
    Nominations for next years club officials is up for review. Nominations must be
    received by our September monthly club meeting. Nominees must be in good standing
    with the SCCA by October 1st, 2017.
    Neal Stanley nominated for Regional Executive (RE) by Jeff
    Carl Summerton is nominated for Treasurer by Jeff
    Jeff McVey is nominated for Assistant Regional Executive by Andrea
    Mark Ruth nominated for Secretary by Jeff
    Andrea nominated for Activities Director by Mark
    Waylon- Are we tied to 18 events? No, this is determined by a vote from the club and can
    be altered for next year.
    Venue Discussion:
    -BSU is an option, but will cost the club approximately $1,050-$1,100 per day. Neal will
    try to negotiate this cost down as this is significantly more expensive than the Idaho Fair
    -The Ford Idaho Center in Nampa is also an option.
    -Idaho Police Training Grounds continues to be difficult to get into. Boise City Police
    exploring building their own lot because of the same difficulties of using the Idaho Police
    Training Grounds
    -Mountain Home lot development still in the works.
    Mark- We decided to move to $40 one day fee for racing and $70 two day fee as a means
    to encourage people to attend both days on weekends with two events. We did this to try
    to boost attendance, but it could be preventing people from coming out because of the
    increased one day fee. Do we think this is working. Discussion ends with no clear way to
    determine whether the new strategy is working or not.
    There is a suggestion to offer discounts to first time competitors to encourage people to
    come give racing a shot. Hopefully they get hooked and keep coming back.
    Andrea recommends us surveying our members/participants to get feedback on the club,
    thoughts on fees, number of events, etc.
    Waylon- Can course prep (sweeping) count as a worker assignment? It often takes an
    hour of labor. Consensus is yes, but when attendance is low, there may not be enough
    course workers, so Worker Chiefs will need to make the call to see if there is enough
    people to allow Course Prep and Novice Walk to count as the work requirement all
    participants have.
    Jeff- Motion to adjourn. Seconded by Andrea. Motion passes.