September 19 Meeting minutes

Meeting Notes 9-19-17


Motion to Waive reading of the previous minutes (Jeff) seconded by Earl. Motion passes

Financial Report: We have money in both accounts. Motion to accept treasurers report (Jeff) seconded by Austin. Motion passes

Neal: looking to partner with Cars and Coffee for a joint event where one lot is a Cars and Coffee and our lot is for racing. Not sure if Cars and Coffee will continue, but if so, we want to pursue a conversation.

Neal: December 3: Awards Banquet. This is a Sunday. We already have a list of people that want to be a part of the committee, but the list will be passed around again to see if anyone else would like to join the committee. This group would also be responsible for deciding the trophy’s we give out. We have less trophy’s to give out this year so we may be able to afford better trophy’s. Last years budget was $1,600 for trophy’s and banquet (b. We charged per person. Last year was the first year we matched the budget to what we spent.

Motion to use last year’s budget of $1,600 for a preliminary banquet Budget, pending review of costs from the Banquet Committee (Mark). Seconded by Mike Billings

Discussion opens:

Sonny: We have made more money this year, so can we up our budget and try to cover the costs of entry to get more people out.

Earl: We don’t know what our costs are just yet, so do we want to change our budget yet?

Motion Passes.

Jeff: SCCA Nationals Website has a list of new changes for karts. Kart tech inspectors: anyone who completed Kart Tech Inspector Training or Kart Course Designer Training and approved by a Safety Steward. This training is only happening at the 2018 SCCA National Convention. Andrea was planning on attending so she can do it if needed. Jeff: If the club would cover his costs for registration, he would do it. Safety gear requirements have also been updated. If we don’t have someone go through this, we won’t be able to have a kart come through. So we have any regular members that are interested in running karts? Yes, there are a few. Neal will call the karters to see if they are interested in getting trained to make the club compliant. If we do get someone trained, we should have a pre-registration requirement for karts to ensure that we have the proper trained and certified staff on site.

Charges for events. Neal took total expenses to date divided by the people that showed up. Total cost per person is $34.07. Some costs are fixed and some costs are variable. We make more money if more people show up, but the more people affect approximately $15 of that fee.

Neal recommends we move back to a flat rate for event. Neal also recommends we develop a lowered cost for first timers or novices. The standard cost for a non-member is $23 dollars per person.

KP: We need to grow the club, so giving breaks on costs is not helping this. We should not reduce any costs and would recommend $40/$40 split.

Cynthia: Have we thought about providing incentives to current members for referring new members.

Austin: We would need a laptop at registration if we do anything for new membership.

Carl: when novices show up and pay the $40 and the $20 weekend membership, we tap their funds and they very frequently don’t come back.

Neal: The $35 is one of the cheapest autocross costs around. Most areas charge significantly more.

Earl makes a motion for an exploratory market survey for the first four race weekends (up to 8 events) of next year to charge and even $35/$35 split for regular fees and advertise a $35 race weekend as a one time offer for first time participants. Seconded by Jeff. Motion passes

Mark makes a motion that we move to an even $35 charge ($35/$35 split for Sat/Sunday events) for all events next year. Seconded by Sonny. Motion passes

Nominations for next year’s Board of Directors is due. Voting will begin October 1st and will be mailed out. Nominations are below:

(from last week meeting)

Neal Stanley for Regional Executive- nominated by Jeff

Carl Summerton for Treasurer- nominated by Jeff

Jeff McVey for Assistant Regional Executive- nominated by Andrea

Mark Ruth nominated for Secretary- Nominated by Jeff

Andrea Petersen for Activities Director- Nominated by Mark

(new this meeting)

Austin Clark for Activities Director- nominated by Andrea

Sonny Wiersema for Editor- nominated by Mark

Jeremy Braun for Activities Director- nominated by Austin

Andrea Petersen for Assistant RE. nominated by Mark- Nomination declined.

Waylon Goebel for Activities Director- nominated by Earl

8:37 KP did not win the snake pot