October 17, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Started 7:04

  • Jeff- Motion to waive reading of the minutes (seconded by Andrea) Motion passes
    Treasurers Report- We are in the black
    Everything is paid up for this weekends event.
    Jeff- Motion to accept treasurers report (seconded by Andrea) Motion passes
    Jeff- New SCCA class- Solo SPEC Coupe. If someone comes out next year, they will
    need to meet the national class restrictions. This is just an FYI. Class is for the FRS/BRZ.
    Sonny- Can we look into hand wash station with the portapotties. Carl will look into the
    cost. Sonny makes a motion to get a hand washing station if it costs $20 or less. Seconded by Mike. Motion passes
    Sonny- Anyone have an interest in a common car challenge? Car would have to be
    licensed (unless there is commitment to be towed). We could charge $5 for a run and
    limit the number of runs. Carl has a car that he might be willing to donate. It just needs
    fuel pump. Sonny would be willing to do the maintenance. If we were worried about
    losing the number of runs per person, a run would count as a persons run if they choose
    to participate in the common car. There is some interest. Sonny will iron out some details
    and bring a proposal next meeting.
    Event Master Cynthia
    Safety Jeff
    Course Chris Pugh/ Neal
    Tech Darrell
    Timing Sonny
    Event Master – Jeff
    Safety Sunday – Mike Billings
    Tech Darrell
    Course Duke
    Timing Sonny
    Neal- We added the PAX and the OPEN class at the start of the season and the general
    consensus is that these have been successful. Should we do some outreach to our former racers that have stopped coming out to events? Anyone interested? Have we solicited nearby clubs? One-off conversations with members of other clubs.
    Election Results
    Board of Directors Voting Winner:
    Regional Executive- Neal Stanley
    Assistant Regional Executive- Jeff McVey
  • Treasurer- Carl Somerton
    Secretary- Mark Ruth
    Editor- Sonny Wiersema
    Activities Directors: Austin Clark, Andrea Peterson, Jeremy Braun
    Sonny- motions to adjourn (seconded by Andrea) Motion passes
    Howie Ross did not win the $114 snake pot