November 21st, 2017 Meeting Minutes

November Meeting Minutes

Meeting starts at 7:00

Motion to waive the meeting minutes by Mark. Seconded by Austin. Motion passes

Carl’s Treasurer Report: We are in the black.

Banquet Update: January 13th at the Courtyard Marriott on Overland and Eagle. Room will hold 90. We will have activity space. We will have the room from 5-10pm. Should we start at 6:00pm? Yes, we will start at 6:00 pm. Is the website ready for people to sign up? Sonny, not yet but it will be tomorrow. Trophy lists have been finalized. Austin and Sonny have narrowed down the numbers. The menu is being finalized and will be under $22 a person. Entertainment possibilities- Hot Wheels racing, rc car racing. Andrea has procured lots of sponsorships for raffle items (t-shirts, dyno time, free details, etc.)

Austin makes a motion that we offer each sponsor of the banquet 2 tickets to the banquet as a thank you. Seconded by Jeff. Motion passes.

Neal will inquire about what technology we can bring in ourselves to avoid additional banquet costs.

New Business:

On December 1st, Meridian is doing a parade of lights. Andrea motions for us to enter our club for $50, approximately 6 cars. Andrea will put the feelers out to see if there are people that would participate.

Austin makes a motion to target 20 events for the 2018 season. Seconded by Sonny. Motion passes. Jeff will look for 20 dates and try to avoid too many single day weekends

Austin asks to consider creating a large summer sort of bbq party. Creates motion, Jeff seconds, and motion passes

Shaundra Herrod did not win the $113 snake pot