January 16th 2018 Meeting Minutes

Neal calls the meeting to order – 7 p.m.

Banquet discussion – feedback was excellent. Best banquet many have ever seen. Great job to Neal, Andrea, Austin, Carl and anyone else who helped coordinate this event.

Notice to the board – Jeff McVey has quit the position of Assistant RE.  The position on the board is open. Discussion ensues – Austin recommends that the Activities Directors pick up the jobs in place of the Assistant RE. Carl replies that we need to have a named individual assigned to the position, per the SCCA rules. Austin would like to nominate Matt Elliott (not present) to the position.  Discussion with Matt would be needed. Meeting attendees would like to know what the Assistant RE’s responsibilities are. Neal says that Jeff did lots of tasks, one of the biggest of which was making sure we had insurance for events.  He also printed various materials for the club, among other tasks. Earl would like to see the club post the position to the club for 30 days to see if we get volunteers.

– Neal says it WILL be posted to the website and Facebook for 30 days to see if anyone is interested. Andrea will post this to FB. Sonny will post to the website.

Neal would like the club to consider making a rule that requires the board to assign a committee to determine the dates of scheduled events.

  • Sonny makes a motion that by October of any year, the club will identify a committee that creates the schedule of events for the following year. The committee will consist of 3 – 5 people and will bring the schedule to the club meeting in November for review.
  • Carl seconds the motion.
  • Vote passes.

Neal would like to identify how many drops are given for points at the end of the season.

  • Cynthia makes a motion that the club adopts “4 drops” as the standard for any given year going forward.
  • Carl seconds the motion.
  • Vote passes.

Neal wants the timing equipment “phone app” to be setup and working properly.  Sonny agrees to get this working. The timing application is a bit clunky and requires technical knowledge and time to make it work.

  • Carl will buy a 25 – 30 foot CAT/5 cable to extend the router to the back of the trailer.

Neal would like to discuss the number of events to be eligible to be counted toward winning a trophy in any class.

  • Waylon makes a motion that 50% of events rounded up to the nearest whole number are the required events to trophy.

(Example, with 17 events in a year, a driver would need to race in 9 in order to win that class – 17/2=8.5. Rounded up to 9)

  • Sonny seconds the motion.
  • Vote passes

Novice Class discussion – Neal believes we need to have a novice mentor and have the Activity Directors contact the new drivers after the event ends. This would hopefully encourage them to come back.

  • KP makes a motion that “Novice Chief” is a working position for each run group.
  • Discussion ensues – This position would require that the worker assigned to this position rides along with the novices to help them, and coaches them with all things autocross. This person will assist ALL novices in that run group.
  • Sonny seconds the motion
  • Vote passes.
  • The worker assignment sheet needs to be updated to remove a line from the course workers (there should be only 3), and will add the “Novice Chief” worker station.

Meeting ends at 8:24 p.m.