February 20th 2018 Meeting Minutes

February 20th SRRSCCA meeting

Carl calls the meeting to order – 7:05 p.m.

Austin makes motion to wave the treasury report. Motion seconded by Waylon. All in favor.

Sonny makes a motion to change the website name to “BoiseAutocross.com”.

We will also have a Safety Training Class on the same weekend. Details to come.

Can we get a surplus of 9V batteries and AA Batteries? Carl will get these before the first event.

Austin is going to make milk-crate type boxes for the timing eyes. This will prevent the need for tripods, will provide shade to the eyes, and rain protection.

We have new radios. There are a total of 10 radios, with a spare battery for each.

Tom Larson is officially voted in as Assistant Regional Executive. Cheers to Tom. Way to go.

Andrea’s trip to the SCCA National Convention in Las Vegas report.

  • We need to work on being more inviting/friendly…especially to new drivers.
  • We need to get lanyards to make board members more identifiable to rookies.
  • Rookie/Novice document for “AutoCross 101” to help figure out what’s going on.
  • Tri-Fold pamphlet for registration table
  • Include an Boise AutoCross window decal
  • Get a list of volunteer drivers who allow ride-alongs
  • Use MotorSports.Reg

Did we get the 25 foot long CAT5 cable? – Carl will build this before the first event.

We will have a Trailer Cleaning/organizing party on March 24th.

Sonny makes a motion to create marketing materials – decals, pens, and other swag.

Budget of $150. Andrea 2nds the motion. All in favor – passed. Jerry 2nd the motion. All in favor – passed.

Meeting adjourned – 8:19 p.m.

Mark on Cribbens St. in Boise did not win the $132 Snake Pot.