RE Notes 11/9/2015


Where do I begin, how about starting with the last autocross of the year. What a great couple of courses, I had a lot of fun. My rear tires where giving up their grip, just was not hooking up and putting the power down very well. Here are some of my thoughts.

1. We had an unfortunate event. Those who were there may have all come to the same conclusion, once your car gets out of shape, give it up. A few things can happen if you keep trying to power out of a bad situation, and some of them are really bad. Was the car going thru the gate to fast, maybe not, was he on a good line for the next element, I would say NO! During my novice walks I talk about looking ahead, we all talk about looking ahead, but what really does that do for us. Well first of all it defines the line we need to be driving, it defines the angle of the corner, and it will help put the car in the place it needs to be for the next element. Something to think about.

2. The Novices really did good!!!

3. I learned that the back left hand turn needed to be run tight on the cones. (Tight and tidy)

4. I was once told that 10% of the cars are really fast and 10% of the drivers are really good and sometime the car and driver match up!! Well Duke Langley is one, Duke is very fast and good and fun to watch, and I really like it when he shows up! Hope we see more of him.

5. Please drive on the public roads with extra caution, your actions reflects on the club.

6. Thanks for all the help cleaning and picking up!

Club meetings are at 7:00pm, every third Tuesday of the month at Cobby’s, 4348 W Chinden Blvd, Garden City. One item we are going to talk and vote on next meeting is any changes to the bump classes and the open class. If you have any ideas or opinion on this please show up and be heard and vote!

Neal Stanley