RE Notes 12/26/2015

We have come to the end of one of the better autocross years I have seen. The courses thru the year where great! Personally I had some very good runs, during some of the last events my car was able to maintain some higher speeds and get more downforce making some of the elements a real blast. I really did not drive any better just the design of the courses allowed me to take advantage of the additional downforce the car was making. It was the most fun I could have and still have my shoes on!

We are about to have our year end banquet, so please come so we can honor each class winner and our very own accomplishments, reminisce about the great memories, and discuss next year’s fun. Below is a listing of the winners, if I have anything incorrect please let me know before the banquet.

1st Darrell McVey
2nd KP
3rd Bryant Adams
4th Stephen Dickens

1st Genia Pumpelly
2nd Mark Sprague
3rd Keith Eggert

XC (street prepared)
1st Richard Thatcher

XE (street)
1st Jim O’Day
2nd Geoff Lodal

B Street
1st Earl Esson
2. Chris Slaughter

F Street
1st Sonny Wiersma

G Street
1st Austin Clark
2nd Jeff Mcvey

A Modified
1st Neal Stanley

E Modified
1st Ron Reese
2nd Chris Schultze

Street Mod Front Wheel Drive
1st Eric Sprague

Classic American Muscle
1st Jerry Peterson

Remember it takes you to run one half of the pointed events, plus one, to qualify for a year end trophy. Changing how the club determines the class winner rules was introduced at the last meeting, that topic was tabled in order to cover it at the next meeting, when hopefully we can get more people to attend and discuss any changes and vote on those changes!! Please come to the meeting and express your ideas and vote!!!!

Hope to see you on January 23rd, at Restoration Rods on State Street.

Neal Stanley