RE Notes 12/28/2015

SRRSCCA Website Procedures:
The SRR SCCA Website page is a wonderful tool for dissemination of information to both club members and the general public. To ensure that all information contained therein is approved by SRR SCCA, the following procedures are effective immediately:
1. Administrative access for to making changes is the responsibility of and under the control of the SRR SCCA Editor, Treasurer, and Secretary – elected members of the club;
2. Recurring entries, such as the posting of event results, will be posted as soon practical. This is
the responsibility of the Editor, using the Secretary as a backup.
3. Other postings, such as those providing additional information or notices must follow an
approval process. Requests for such may be submitted by any club member, and must be
approved by the Regional Executive (RE) and/or Assistant Regional Executive (Ass’t RE). If
approved, the RE/Ass’t RE will forward the request to the Editor (using the Secretary as a
backup) for inclusion.
4. Other access for making posts on the website may be granted upon approval by the RE and/or Ass’t RE.
SRRSCCA members responsible for the SRRSCCA Web Site:
Neal Stanley, Regional Executive,
Jeff McVey, Assistant RE,
Carl Somerton, Treasurer,
James Demaris, Secretary,
Sonny Wiersema, Editor,