RE Notes – 2/6/2016

At the next meeting we do have a carried forward issue, how we determine each champion.

I would like to express my vision about how we should do this.  The website says that, “One half of the pointed events, plus one, need to be participated in to qualify for a year end trophy. Example: 20 pointed events. 20/2=10. 10+1= 11. Thus, eleven events are required to qualify for a trophy.”  I see no problem with requiring a number of events to qualify for a trophy.  The real issue is that this number should be high enough so that no one can run in two different classes and get a trophy for both.

The website goes on to explain, “The minimum number of events with your highest pointed results are totaled together, while your lower pointed results are dropped off after you have reached the minimum event requirement.”  This is what I disagree with.  Really it says that only one half of the events plus one will be used to determine each class champion instead of the person with the most points.  I have always believed that winning was done by getting more points than your competition.  With counting only one half of the events plus one, I now understand why attendance is so low near the end of the year.  If you have already ran your half plus one there is one reason to run again, only just the love of the sport.

I have checked with other regions and yes some do allow some of the points earned during events to be dropped, but nowhere near what we do.  Other regions that allowed points to be dropped averaged about 10% of the events to be dropped, some dropped none of the points earned.  That is what I would like to see, we allow 10% of the points earned by a driver to be dropped and always rounded down.

Please show up at the next meeting and gives us your input and vote on this issue!

Neal Stanley