If you are planning on becoming a member of the Snake River Region SCCA, you can use another driver’s membership number to get a discount on your own membership fees. When you do this, it also gives a discount to the member who referred you. All SCCA memberships are completed and paid for through the SCCA’s registration pages. If you are already a member and wish for your number to be included, please email us here.

Please remember, being an SCCA member is NOT required to drive with us!

Membership Referral Numbers

Name Member Number
Carl Somerton 261145
Shea Henrie 285982
Darius Rementeria 369020
Sean Sheehan 381932
Darrell McVey 396867
Crystal Fitts 406426
Chris Pugh 410384
Kasey Rienstra 418316
Richard Thatcher 438794
Brandon Wheat 452664

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