Trophy Qualifying

Please note, the following items are NOT required to race. These requirements are only for those seeking a year end trophy.

Winning your class involves four important things.

1. Driver must be a member of the SCCA, in good standing.

2. The use of so-called “participation points” as used in previous years is terminated.

3. Competition in a minimum of eight “pointed” autocross events is required.

4. Driver are prohibited from receiving a trophy in more than one class.

5. There is a maximum number of events that count toward trophy qualification.  That maximum number is determined by multiplying the total number of “pointed” events on the season’s schedule by 25%, rounding any fractions down to a whole number, and subtracting that from the total number of “pointed” events.

For example, using a total of 23 “pointed” events, 23 x 25% = 5.75, which rounds down to 5.  Subtracting 5 from 23 leaves 18.  Accordingly, you could only count your best 18 finishes toward a trophy.

Points are awarded per class, based on the driver’s RAW time (except in the OPEN class, which is based on PAX times).

1st place = 6 points, 2nd = 4 points, 3rd = 3 points, 4th = 2 points, 5th place and lower will receive 1 point, for all classes.

In the event of a class tie between drivers at the end of the season, the number of 1st place wins will be counted, and the highest total will win. If the total of 1st place wins is equal, then 2nd place finishes will be tallied, and so on and so forth.

NOTE:  At the present time, all events on the 2016 schedule are to be “pointed” events.  However, circumstances not in the control of SRR SCCA may require placing limits on the total number of competitors at certain venues.  Should any such limits preclude any potential competitors from taking part in an event, then that event will be an “un-pointed” event.

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