Club Banquette and Awards Ceremony

Club Banquette and Awards Ceremony
Jan 16th, 7:00, Idaho Pizza in Meridian
We will be in the back room, we are set for 7:00pm on, dinners on us, bring the family, tire warmers, or pit crew :)
Club will be buying pizza and pop, adult beverages are available, but you are on your own for those
bench racing starts at 7:00
dinner @ 8:00
real trophies will be handed out afterward
more bench racing
everyone invited, just please let us know if you are coming so we can make sure we have enough food for everyone

Email Carl if you plan on attending

11-18-2014 Meeting minutes.

Called to order.

Meeting minutes waived.

We have money and bills are paid.

Venue discussion:
Expo Idaho is the main venue.
Expo is happy with us. We are happy with them.
We are still waiting for information regarding the Gerome Airport.
Gowen Field option appears to not be available.
Mountain Home is still in discussion and being pursued.
Neil, Earl, and KP will put together a presentation to approach mountain home as a club for access to run events.

Awards and banquette:
Awards expenditure for trophies will be kept at $20.00 or less. Carl will be responsible for Trophies.

Banquette: Jeff will investigate location options and pricing. club will provide soft drinks and food. possible dates January 16th or 23rd.
Details will be provided in December on the SRRSCCA website.

8:19pm adjourned

Madison did not win the Snakepot

Events 17+18 — November 1st/2nd @ Fairgrounds


Who’s ready for multiple lap endurance racing? Not only will position, speed, and precision determine your fate, but consistency.

Update: This endurance course will be reversed on the second day. Both days will stand as two separated pointed events attributing to year end totals.

You don’t want to miss this final weekend of the 2014 season. The enduro has returned!

8am-4pm, November 1st and 2nd at the Expo Idaho Fairgounds, near Glenwood and Chinden, entrance on Midway Drive (Garden City)

Both days –
Event Master: Neal Stanley
Course Designer: Carl Somerton
Chief Safety Steward: KP

Events 15+16 — October 18th/19th @ Fairgrounds

I think an arm wrestle with Ron Reese would put someone in the hospital!

Saturday –
Event Master: Tom Larson
Course Designer: Earl Esson
Chief Safety Steward: Kyriacos Panayiotou

Sunday –
Event Master: Neal Stanley
Course Designer: Eric Sprague
Chief Safety Steward: Jim O’Day

8am-4pm, October 18th and 19th at the Expo Idaho Fairgounds, near Glenwood and Chinden, entrance on Midway Drive (Garden City)

Events 10+11 — August 2nd/3rd @ Fairgrounds

Event Masters –
Saturday: Neal Stanley
Sunday: Jerimie Brown

Course Designs –
Saturday: Suzanne Malmgren, Chris Pugh?
Sunday: Dillon Risk, Darius Rementeria

Safety Stewards –
Saturday: Jim O’Day
Sunday: John Schultz

Photo courtesy of Tavit Kassardjian of Carbon Studios LLC.

8am-4pm, August 2nd and 3rd at the Expo Idaho Fairgounds, near Glenwood and Chinden, entrance on Midway Drive (Garden City)

Event Pre-Registration is available for SCCA members ONLY. Please note, if you do not have a valid SCCA member number, you will still need your $45 entry free at the event site during morning registration. The cost to also race the second day will only be an additional $30. Not a member? No problem. Everyone is invited to join our Membership, however, being an SCCA member is NOT required to race! Becoming an SCCA member will save you money at every event, and you can participate at the monthly meetings, helping further our club’s efforts.

Are you new to autocross, and interested in racing with us? Have a quick look over our Frequently Asked Questions. We are looking for you beginners! Ever wonder which class your car would fall into? Our Classing guide can help you find out. Want to know what it takes to win a year end trophy? Take a peek at our Qualifying page!