March 17th meeting minutes

Called to order.

Meeting minutes reading.

We have money

Course Designer: Jim Oday
Event Master: Neil Stanley
Safety: Richard Thatcher
Timing Registration: DJ

Course designer: KP
Safety: Jim Oday
Event Master: Steven Dickens
Timing registration: Kasey

Course Designer: Earl Esson
Event Master: Mike Sallee
Safety: KP
Timing Registration: possible Suzanne TBD

Course Designer: Neil Stanley
Event Master: KP/Phouvon
Safety: Jim Odey
Timing Registration: possible Suzanne TBD

Ontario municipal air port site:
Neil was contacted about the airport wanting us to run an event there. Neil went to the site and reports this is prime surface for an event. There is planned to be a radio station on site for commentary. The Mayer of Ontario will be bringing bleachers from the high school. The site will have no fee. Mayor would like us to donate some amount of funds to a local charity. The radio station announcer will need information cards on the drivers and a method of updating the information to give to the announcer as the event progresses. Proposed date is October 3rd and 4th. a proposed name will be Octoberfast! the finale date should be determined by the drivers meeting on Saturday.

Mountain home AFB site.
KP is working with individuals within the base. Insurance information has been provided as well as a spread sheet showing a list of active AFB’s that are currently having autocross events. The feeling is that the possibility of getting access to the AFB is likely. There was a discussion of funds binge donated to a charity related to the military. KP stated if they get a date on the AFB that we may drop one mountain home municipal event and go with a mountain home AFB event.

Porsche event on may 30th.
We are looking for volunteers for this event.
All volunteers will have a free event the next day on the 31st.
A signup sheet will be posted at the trailer for volunteers.

Participation points discussion.
A paper was supplied listing participation points guidelines.
Jesse Buck
Motion that the participation points system as listed in the guidelines be implemented and cannot be changed for the 2015 season
DJ will keep track of the participation points.
After heated debate. passed 8:18pm

Phouvon motions to bring back the street tire multiplier for street prepared, street modified, and prepared classes. With a multiplier of .975 for tires with a tread-ware of 140 or higher and this would apply for the 2015 season.
Motion passed 8:49pm
Kasey stated that the reason he felt that the Multiplier was removed was due to its complexity for the person keeping track of them.
Kasey feels that the street tire multiplier should return for street prepared street modified and prepared classes. At a proposed multiplier of .975. Also the last meeting had a motion to repeal the street tire multiplier however with no date or designated time frame for the motion to stand it was allowed to be heard again and voted on.

discussion to bring back online registration and prepay.
General feeling of the board is that it is a good idea. The online registration with prepay should be up and running by the third event.

Curtis Ames did not win the snake pot
Meeting adjourned

02-17-2015 Meeting minutes

Meeting called to order.
7:00 PM

meeting minutes waived.
7:00 PM

treasure report.
We have money
purchase of jack and some tires and electrical work for the trailer reduced the site fund.
accepted 7:03pm

Discussion on calender of events.
Total 21 events.
SRRSCCA will participate in the Porsche Club Autocross event with equipment and volunteers. on May 30th. We will followup with a SRRSCCA event on the may 31st/Sunday.
Expo Idaho and Mountain home are our current venues.
There is a possibility for access to the airbase. If this happens the plan is to cancel one of the current event days location and move it to the air base.
There is an event that coincides with the pack wood event. It was discussed the importance of having volunteers trained to fulfill the SRRSCCA date if many of the seasoned members leave for the Packwood event.

March 21st 12:00pm will be a safety steward school at Coby’s. Carl will need to know who is coming so that he can put together the needed materials for the individuals attending. if you are interested please contact

Timing training discussion
Richard the activities director is to get a hold of Kasey to organize a training for people who want to learn timing.
The idea was brought up that safety training and timing training could be done at the same time March 21st.

redundancy discussion::::
KP: discussion on the possible need for a second laptop. after much discussion and the determination that the Idaho Rally Groups computer uses the same software and is always available.
DJ proposed that we do NOT purchase a second computer as a backup.
there was a second.
motion passed

Discussed the possible need for radios to have some battery backups. It was determined the radios can take regular batteries.
Discussion on the possible need for back up timing signals. it was determined that we do have back ups.
It was discussed about having back up wiring. it was determined that we have 3000 feet of cable however there is some repair to be done. Carl will address the issues with the wires.
Timing display discussion. Timing displays are working but Kasey will need to train others on how to resolve issues.
Speakers: there is one speaker repaired and one that needs some work. Sonny repaired the first and has offered to resolve the issue on the second.
Discussion on having car dollies in case a car breaks. Carl advised we do have them and will be in the trailer.
Discussion on having a jack in the trailer for cars that need to use the dollies. tabled since the last jack was stolen.

Neil discussed about creating a list that shows what redundant equipment is available on a clip board in the trailer. it was agreed the list is a good idea and will be made.

discussion on points place system for placing as well as the half plus one.
motions to keep this the same.

Discussion on specialty classes.
IMS and open and X classes.
Discussion to amend the IMS class to include the 200 tread war ratting to follow the national rules for SCCA.
discussion to keep or remove the street multiplier.

Motion to remove the street tire multiplier and classes.
second and passed.

Motion to amend the IMS class rule for tread ware to match the national 200 tread ware.
second and passed

Motion confirm that if you qualify for a year end award you get a trophy regardless of your placement.
second and passed.

Discussion on trophy and PP.
Motion to add a trophy for the one person recognized as the contributing the most as a volunteer.
Discussion on bringing back the PP system with some modification.
Discussion tabled regarding the reinstall of the pp system in some form until the next meeting.

Proposal to accept the same rate for the Porsche club as last year with the addition of a free event for the Porsche club members on Sunday with the exception that they will pay the 15.0 insurance cost. Upfront 1500.00 + 30.0 per member for the event.
second and passed

Meagan Berwick did not win the $128.00 snake pot.

Motion to adjourn

Club Banquette and Awards Ceremony

Club Banquette and Awards Ceremony
Jan 16th, 7:00, Idaho Pizza in Meridian
We will be in the back room, we are set for 7:00pm on, dinners on us, bring the family, tire warmers, or pit crew :)
Club will be buying pizza and pop, adult beverages are available, but you are on your own for those
bench racing starts at 7:00
dinner @ 8:00
real trophies will be handed out afterward
more bench racing
everyone invited, just please let us know if you are coming so we can make sure we have enough food for everyone

Email Carl if you plan on attending

11-18-2014 Meeting minutes.

Called to order.

Meeting minutes waived.

We have money and bills are paid.

Venue discussion:
Expo Idaho is the main venue.
Expo is happy with us. We are happy with them.
We are still waiting for information regarding the Gerome Airport.
Gowen Field option appears to not be available.
Mountain Home is still in discussion and being pursued.
Neil, Earl, and KP will put together a presentation to approach mountain home as a club for access to run events.

Awards and banquette:
Awards expenditure for trophies will be kept at $20.00 or less. Carl will be responsible for Trophies.

Banquette: Jeff will investigate location options and pricing. club will provide soft drinks and food. possible dates January 16th or 23rd.
Details will be provided in December on the SRRSCCA website.

8:19pm adjourned

Madison did not win the Snakepot

Events 17+18 — November 1st/2nd @ Fairgrounds


Who’s ready for multiple lap endurance racing? Not only will position, speed, and precision determine your fate, but consistency.

Update: This endurance course will be reversed on the second day. Both days will stand as two separated pointed events attributing to year end totals.

You don’t want to miss this final weekend of the 2014 season. The enduro has returned!

8am-4pm, November 1st and 2nd at the Expo Idaho Fairgounds, near Glenwood and Chinden, entrance on Midway Drive (Garden City)

Both days –
Event Master: Neal Stanley
Course Designer: Carl Somerton
Chief Safety Steward: KP

Events 15+16 — October 18th/19th @ Fairgrounds

I think an arm wrestle with Ron Reese would put someone in the hospital!

Saturday –
Event Master: Tom Larson
Course Designer: Earl Esson
Chief Safety Steward: Kyriacos Panayiotou

Sunday –
Event Master: Neal Stanley
Course Designer: Eric Sprague
Chief Safety Steward: Jim O’Day

8am-4pm, October 18th and 19th at the Expo Idaho Fairgounds, near Glenwood and Chinden, entrance on Midway Drive (Garden City)