February Meeting Minutes

7:01 pm
Meeting called to order.

7:02 pm
Meeting minutes waived

7:03 pm
Treasurer report waived

7:04 pm
Discussion on drivers school:
Fairly Reliable Bobs interest in sponsoring drivers school. Rep from Fairly Reliable Bobs is present. Purpose of school is to make new drivers familiar with the elements of an autocross course. The Morning is for getting familiar with the elements and the afternoon is used to set up an example course for the drivers use what they have learned.

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February Membership Meeting

Items on the agenda:

– Discussion of a Driver’s School Event sponsored by Fairly Reliable Bob’s.
– The 2014 schedule.
– Our current street tire multiplier, season points system, and participation points: keep, modify, or remove?
– New SCCA Solo classes (“Stock” is now “Street” and “Street-R”)
– Trailer organization and equipment status.
– Altering counted runs. (There has been feedback that only the first 3 runs should count towards season points to align with national events.)

We’re hoping that everyone can attend in order to discuss their viewpoints and a make a vote towards our upcoming season!

Also, we’d like to welcome everyone to take a look at our 2014 schedule if you have not seen it yet! Our calendar lists many popular motor-sport events within our area, including divisional/national level autocross, rallycross, time attack, drift, and hill climb events. Our first local autocross will be on March 29th!

Here’s our first 2014 flyer, featuring the full schedule. Hopefully we will have a few printed out at the meeting. If we can distribute some of them around to local auto businesses or car meets, it would help greatly.

(high res or black/white)

Championship Awards Banquet

The SRR is happy to announce the Championship Awards Banquet on Friday, January 17, 2013, 7:00pm at the Idaho Pizza Company on 405 E Fairview Ave. in Meridian, ID!

Make sure to grab food or drink before the ceremony starts. We will be meeting in the banquet room in the far back, on the left hand side, the same as last year. We might also receive the 2014 schedule.

2014 PAX Index

It has finally been released! Here they are, with the changes made from 2013.

If you were unaware, Stock has been renamed to “Street”, and street tires with a tread-wear rating higher than 140 UTQG are now allowed. Street cars still using r-compounds will now race in Street-R (SR) with their appropriate prefix (A-H). For the time being, we will keep all Street level cars within the XE bump group, just as before.

2014 PAX

November Meeting Minutes

7:08 – Meeting called to order.

7:12 – Minutes reading waived.

7:11 – Treasurer report: We have money.

Treasure report accepted as read.

Banquette discussion:

January meeting will be held at the banquette. The trophies will be the same as last year (picture of owners car in a frame with placement.) The club will pay for pizza and drinks for all current SRRSCCA members and their significant other who happen to attend the January meeting regardless of them receiving a trophy or not. RSVP will be required for participation in the awards ceremony. We will have more information (including contact info) at a later time.

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